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This portal is intended to provide various utility services related with the different functions of the Registration Department and registry processes like- Online Application for Deed Registration, online fee payment, online Search ,online Registration of Society/ Firm Checking Minimum Valuation of Land ,list of Stamp and Registration fee and to give information about various Acts/ Rules, Notification, Circular of dept.

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Act & Rules

Notification & Order

Regarding Inspection by IRO



Online Payment of Stamp Duty for Documents Which Are Not To Be Registered

Regarding Termination of Authorization of SHCIL for Selling of e-Stamp

Notification Regarding Refund of Registration Fee


Online Verification of Khatiyan & Register 2 etc from JharBhoomi Website

Rules Regarding Online Payment of Stamp Duty

Registration Of Lease Deed

Notification Regarding e-Stamping of Court Fee

Compulsory Registration Of Lease

Regarding Opening Registry Office by Maintaining Social Distance

Regarding Revoking Female Rebate

Stamp Duty on Share Transactions

Regarding Removing Plot From Ristricted List

Notification Regarding Registration Fee and Stamp Duty on Partition Deed

Notification Regarding Objection in Society/Firm Registration Within 7 Working Days

Notification Regarding e-Payment of Court Fee

Revision of Valuation in Urban and Rural Area

Posponding Circle Rate Revision for Another Month

Notification Regarding Verification of PAN

Committee Under D.C for e-Nibandhan & Supply for Hardware/Computer Operator etc.

Notification Regarding Service is to be Given when Aadhaar is not Available

Regarding Extending the Revision of Minimum Value of Two Months

The Description of Aadhaar Numbers in the Document submitted for Registration and Pre-Registration will be Desirable.

Notification Regarding Joing Sale Deed Registration Fee/ Stamp Duty for Lower Income Group

Notification Regarding Joint Development Agreement Registratioin Fee for Lower Income Group

Notification regarding purchase of flat buit by Urban Development Department for economically weaker section

Registration Fee for development agreement regarding flat for economically weaker section.

Notification Regarding Page Number and Volume Number of Register-II

Notification Regarding Description of Volume Number and Page Number during Presentation of Deed

Exemptions from Stamp Duty Under SARFAESI Act

Notification Regarding Online Presentation of Documents for Registration

Exemption of Stamp Duty Under SARFAESI Act,2002

Regarding Rectification

Time Limit For Deed Registration Under Service Gurantee Act 2011

Time Limit For Society/Firm Registration Under Service Gurantee Act 2011

Letter for Sending Forest Land List with Signature of DC+DFO

Notification Regarding Clerks of Registration Office

Notification Regarding e-Gras

Regarding Online Presentation of Deeds from 1st August 2017

Regarding Exemption of Stamp Duty on Loan Agreement for Self Help Group

Notification Regarding Stamp Fee Exemption for Female

Notification Regarding Registration Fee Exemption for Female

Regarding Revoking Section 20 of Court Fee Act 1870

Notification Regarding Aadhaar Authentication

Notification Regarding Fraudaulant Registration

Time Limit for Registration of Society and Firm under Jharkhand Rajya Sewa Gurantee Adhiniyam 2011

None Registration of Ristricted Land

Notification Regarding delivering the deed on the day of Registration

Letter No-216, 27-02-2016 Sub-Strict Compliance of Notification No-195, 19-02-2016

Notification Regarding Registration Fee Amendment

Notification Regarding Khatiyan and survey Map

Notification Regarding Identification of Land through Register-II, LPC and Correction Slip

Notification Regarding Developement Agreement

Notification Regarding Equitable Mortgage

Amendment in Minimum Valuation Rules 2015

Notification Regarding Equitable Mortgage

Notification Regarding Non Registration of Government Land

Guidline To The Registering officers Regarding Registering deed

Regarding Online Application of Society/Firm Registration

Notification Regarding Giving Licence to Deed Writers_Stamp Vendors for doing online work

Order Regarding Refund of Fee Paid by Payment Gateway

Guideling of Govt. Of India regarding the deed registration of Foreigners/NRI/POI etc.

Table of Fee

Notificaton Regarding Change in search fee & cash handling charge

Order Regarding Refund of e-Stamp

Regarding Online Registration Of Society and Firm

Notification Regarding Excemption of Fee for Deed Relating to Bank Mortage

Valuation of Land upto 8 Decimal is to be Charged as Residential Land

Exemption of stamp & registration fee on Co-operative Deed

Notification Regarding Strength Of Cleark

Rate of stamp duty on sale deed.

Letter Regarding Excemption of Stamp Duty & Registration Fee on Deed Executed on Behalf of Government

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